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Here's to an organised 2019!

Happy New Year lovely readers! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and saw in the New Year in style. I know this time of year isn't relaxing for everyone, having a sister and husband who work in the food industry I have seen them go to work throughout the festive season some years, I was grateful that was not the case this year.

I worked one Christmas whilst doing a ski season in America and it certainly was a bit different waking up, putting on my uniform and catching the bus to work instead of our usual tradition of church, breakfast, presents and then Christmas lunch. If you were working, I hope you managed to steal a moment or two to reflect and catch your breath, and maybe you have a great holiday planned for when we're all back at work.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post. I've created a new 2019 desk calendar. It is A3 in size, but can be printed as A4 and there are two versions, one has South African public holiday dates underlined, the other is plain. I usually print them and put it on one side of my desk, but I think this year I might put them on the fridge and then Mark has no excuse to forget a dinner date or show we may have booked as he will see it every time he's peckish, which let's face it, is rather often

You can print this at home, your office or your local printer, I hope it is useful. Happy scheduling!

1. 2019 Downloadable Desk Calendar - SA Public Holidays

2. 2019 Downloadable Desk Calendar

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