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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

With Mother's day around the corner I have see an abundance of giveaways and promotions centred around the day and it's made me think of how, as kids, we were always encouraged to make gifts for Mother's and Father's day. I'm ALL for celebrating Mothers, spoiling them and making them feel special but does that mean one has to spend a fortune or spend half a day shopping for the perfect gift?

I LOVE giving gifts (and receiving them) it's definitely one of my primary love languages but I also really don't want to give someone something they don't need or want, or create more unnecessary clutter or waste in our already 'packed to the brim' homes. I have therefore compiled a short list of things you can do or make at home that will definitely leave your Mum feeling loved and special, are minimal in the waste department and don't cost you much in terms of money, but will cost you in time.

These suggestions are for kiddies and adults alike, I realise each one does not work for all ages. If you're reading this and you're a Mum of littles, you can always forward it to your husband/significant other and they can print the card or do some of these things with your kids. I know it's not subtle but it could be a fun Dad - daughter/son experience.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

1. Pick some flowers from the garden for her. 2. Bake her something. I loved baking scones as a child (probably a bit too much) but making scones on Mother's day was a fun way to surprise Mum with breakfast in bed. We moved onto flapjacks or banana pancakes as we got older and topped with fresh fruit, jam and greek yoghurt or cream, they are always a win.

3. Let her have a bath in peace - no interruptions.

4. Make a meal on that day so she doesn't have to (or take her a ready made homemade meal).

5. Make her a set of vouchers for something she enjoys (or something you can do to alleviate her chores). 1 x shoulder rub. 1 x picnic in the garden. 1 x doing the dishes.

6. Make her tea (or coffee) in bed.

7. Write her a letter or postcard (if she's far away).

8. Download and colour in my mothers day card... (below)

You can download the 'Mother's Day Card' here.

Its an A4 print, folded into an A5 card

These PDFs are not for resale.

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