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South African Provinces Colouring Page

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I'm back, I know it's been forever and I could list a million excuses but the important thing is I'm here and I'm writing, and drawing and creating content again. Yay.

I drew this colouring page as I wanted to refresh my own memory on where our SA provinces are, clearly geography is not a strength of mine. I then thought it could be a useful tool for others to learn where our provinces are (I'm looking at you Capetonians - this country has way more beyond Sir Lowry's pass). I also added a few elements that each province is known for, these can hopefully spark some conversations or further learning about our country.

I have also added an Afrikaans version of the provinces map. You can download it below, there is one with South Africa and one that has the surrounding African countries too.

I hope it's fun to colour and learn from, as usual tag me in any pictures using it or share them with me, I love seeing them. Also please share it with your teacher friends, they might enjoy it too.



The Afrikaans map is here:

Download PDF • 709KB

Have a super day x

These PDFs are not for resale.

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