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Fun (and free) watercolour backgrounds

Updated: 4 days ago

I decided to create something different for this blog post. I have a number (too many for sure) of watercolour paintings that I have scanned but not ever used for anything specific and I thought, why not create some cute backgrounds to use in CANVA (or any design program)? So here we are. I have created six, one floral one, two leafy ones, one with oranges, one with grapefruit and one with patterns. Here are some examples of how they could be used.

My top design tips:

  1. Embrace white space

  2. Use font weight (alternate between bold and light) to create hierarchy

  3. Use a maximum of two fonts - try and pair two different looking fonts - like a serif* and san serif**, or a handwriting font with a san-serif.

  4. Try and keep borders or margins equal all round (or equal left and right and equal top and bottom)

  5. Use a thin line or a line of full stops to break up content

  6. Stick to one or two colours for the text, no one needs a rainbow of colours to read (unless you're making a rainbow unicorn themed item, then go wild).

*serif: has little feet (or the official definition is 'serif refers to either the mark or line that can sometimes appear at the end of a character's stroke'

(this is an example of a serif font)

**san-serif: doesn't have little feet (like Arial, Helvetica or Futura)

How to use them:

  1. Download them via the link below

  2. Unzip the file (double click on it to unzip)

  3. Upload the images to CANVA or use them in one of your design programs

  4. Set them as the background image (or send them to the back) and add your text on top.

Easy peasy!

Download the watercolour backgrounds here:

SJD Borders to use in CANVA
Download ZIP • 6.81MB

I hope these are useful and you have as much fun creating with them as I had making them,



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