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Fruity Counting Printables

Updated: May 28, 2020

Friends, I'm back, I know it's been ages since I posted a blog post but this morning I thought, why not get this going again? I'm sitting in bed, with my daughter next to me, drinking coffee, feeling very content and happy. A few things have transpired since my last post, I had a baby, but you've seen that on Instagram no doubt, and I have entered into motherhood and all the crazy, sleepless, beautiful, funny, overwhelming and tiring moments that come with it. In amongst the feeding, napping, laundry and just watching her for hours at a time I have made some time for creativity and sewing.

One thing I've created, after one of my best friends suggested it (thanks Kaylz) are some counting posters. There are two versions you can download here, one is 3 pages with 1 - 10 as A6 size cards and the other is 10 pages where each number is on an A4 page. I went with a fruit theme for these as I had some fruit vectors created already. Let me know if you use them and find them helpful, and please share with your friends as well, I love seeing your posts.

Sarah Jager Design free counting printable

Happy Wednesday!

Sarah x

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