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Beach Walk Printable

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Hello friends. I have been thinking about various blog posts for ages now and I get overwhelmed thinking about how long it’s been since I last posted (and if I even should post, is it relevant etc etc) so today I am just posting in the hopes that if I start now, I can hopefully get into the rhythm again*.

*she says while her four month old baby sleeps next to her on the couch…

So here is my first post of 2020. A beach walk activity for your next beach day, where you can check off the things you spot.

I created a nature walk printable for my friend Claire’s blog last year and then I thought this beach walk one would be a fun alternative. You don’t necessarily have to print it, you could just save it to your phone and tick off the items you and your kids spot on the beach. I also added the ‘pick up 3 pieces of litter’ (you don’t have to limit it to three) but we could all do with picking up and recycling some litter on our beaches and in our parks and neighborhoods right?

Let me know if you use it and I hope you have a happy day and weekend.



These PDFs are not for resale.

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