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'Done is better than perfect' download

Hi friends.

It's my first blog post of the year and it's mid May! (tell me you started a new business without telling me...) We've had a busy start to our year with the opening of our pizza place, Napoli Fifteen. You can check out our website here if you haven't already seen my posts on socials - . Anyway, back to this post, my mantra for the past few years, and especially this year, has been 'done is better than perfect'. When we have felt unsure about a design direction or something in the shop, we've ultimately had to make the best decision there and then, and make peace with the fact that it might not be perfect, but it is done (and we can always work on or improve as we go). Perfectionism is the enemy of progress or getting unstuck and it's been great to launch something that has been so well received. We've felt encouraged by the positive feedback and motivated to continue through the criticism. All this to say I have created two posters or postcards (you can print either) to stick up in your workspace or home with these words on them. There is also one that has flowers, because, I like pretty things.

How to use them:

  1. Download the PDF via the link below

  2. Save the PDF to a flash drive or send it to your printer.

  3. Print (in colour) on cardboard and then use a guillotine or scissors to cut them out (if you have printed the A6 cards).

Download the prints or cards here:

Download PDF • 478KB

Download PDF • 483KB

Download PDF • 425KB

I hope these bring some encouragement or inspiration to your work or home space, let me know if you download them, I'd love to hear from you.



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