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Let's make it count!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Recently I was doing a digital clean up and I found these cute counting posters I created and I was going to use them in a blog post as a free resource and then I (timeously) got my favourite email of the year, the one reminding me of my annual website and domain name fee. Bleh, what a pain!

So I thought that rather than making them free I would try something I haven’t done before. If 60 people buy one of these for R30 (essentially the price of a flat white), it pays my annual website fee and I can continue creating blog posts with free resources (as well as paid for products, I can’t only do free stuff, for obvious reasons.

60 followers is roughly 2,5% of my total number of followers, I’m sure this is possible!

So, if you’d like to order the bugs counting page (and make my day) drop me an email and I’ll send it through, with bank details or my Snapscan barcode. Easy peasy.

The bugs counting page is 10 x A4 pages - counting from 1 - 10 or 3 x A4 pages with 10 x A6 cards. You can print at home or your local printer and cut them up (and laminate too if you’d like to).

So to summarise:

1. You get 2 x PDF downloads (3 x A4 pages and 10 x A4 pages) Counting 1 - 10.

2. R30 only!

3. Email me to order (

Happy Thursday friends,


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