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Lockdown Life (Doodle download)

Since I posted this drawing on Instagram of how we’ve been spending our lockdown time I thought I’d write a post about some of the specifics, the favourites.


I love podcasts, I haven't listened to as many since Holly was born but here are my favourites:

Brene Brown: Unlocking Us. Her podcast is informative and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the interview with Dr Marc Brackett entitled ‘Permission to Feel’, it's very relevant to our current situation.


This is an interesting one. Takes 99% effort to get me to do one but once I do I feel so much better. I’ve done some post partum pilates (as I had a back injury recently so need to get my core going again). But then I’ve also really enjoyed the Virgin active workouts (and you get 100 points per workout, I’m all about the points right now). If you’ve done any of the HIIT workouts, you’ll no doubt have Ceri's little mantra of “more isn’t better, better is better” in your head. Makes me laugh, they're here.


We started watching Ozark, and while it's darker (literally the blue filter used makes it very dark and the story line is pretty intense) than something I’d usually watch we’re really enjoying it. Also, Mark commented that the one character Ruth looks like a young Justin Timberlake and I can't unsee that, so I guess that keeps it lighthearted. We keep things balanced with episodes of Peppa Pig during the day ;)


I’m really enjoying escaping into novels at the moment. I’ve enjoyed Lucinda Riley and Jojo Moyes. I have an Alexander McCall Smith book next, ‘Love over Scotland’, it's not as much of a page turner but his descriptions and commentary on human behaviour is very amusing.

Online Reading

NY Times. Especially this one on COVID

I’ve also found Talya Goldberg’s weekly mailer ‘Curiously Curated’ has good article recommendations.


This is my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Pinch of Yum. I’ve made 3 batches so far and they usually last a day and a half. We have zero self control when it comes to cookies.


Let's be honest, we've all spent a fair amount of time scrolling. Some favourites at the moment include: Cayleyraeley (for the lols), Erin Ireland (meal ideas), Sophie Smith (beaut photos, fun kids ideas and real parenting) Nancy Straughan (beautiful styling, gorge baby, a generally positive and real vibe).

Anyway I must get back to work. If you'd like to download of this doodle, colour it in and add your own favourites to remember this lockdown period, here is the link: Lockdown Life

Happy Freedom day friends (oh the irony)



These PDFs are not for resale.

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