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'Superpowers of a New Mum' Colouring Page

I drew this last year as we were in the early stages of lockdown, when it seemed like something of a novelty and I had what feels like a LOT of time (compared to now, 3 weeks into 2 kids under 2 years of age) to doodle and paint and do my own thing.

I have edited it slightly and made a fun colouring page for you to print for a new Mum or just colour yourself, or make into a card. It's quite random but I remember quite a few other Mums felt it was relatable so I thought I would share it. I find that making these colouring in pages is quite therapeutic so I hope I can steal a moment or two to make more in the coming months.

I hope all you Mums have a happy Mother's day this Sunday. I think, and from what others have shared with me, most of the time what Mum's really want for Mothers day, or any day really, is to have some time alone, to not worry about what's for lunch or dinner, to read their book, take an uninterrupted bath or go for a massage. So don't forget to ask for said things (remember men are pretty terrible at mind reading) and enjoy some time to yourself, as well as with your family.


Download the colouring page here:

Download PDF • 1.09MB

These PDFs are not for resale.

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